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Book Bus Tickets Online

Booking bus tickets is no longer a hassle…

Buses (as well as trains) are a vital cog in India’s connectivity infrastructure. For the travelling public, they offer economical, safe and comfortable travel to an enormous number of destinations across the length and breadth of India. Many of these destinations are accessible only by road.

Even as recently as a decade back, booking bus tickets involved contacting multiple agents to find out fare and seat availability. Even when such information could be ascertained by telephonic calls, to make the payment and collect the ticket physically a visit had to be made to the agent’s office.

Online bus ticket booking offers great convenience…

There are two kinds of online booking platforms. Most active are the independent portals who offer booking options from multiple bus operators. Then there are websites set up by the bus operators where you can book tickets for travel by their own buses only.

On the online booking platforms you can select seats, pay by credit card or debit card, book for travel much in advance and get your ticket in a printable form or as an SMS. Occasionally promotional deals are also on offer.

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'Shivneri' Buses of MSRTC (Dadar-Pune-Dadar Route)


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