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Buy Only Hallmarked Jewellery

A smart buyer opts for Hallmarked jewellery...

Buying jewellery being an expensive proposition, there cannot be any compromise in respect of purity of gold. For example, when 22-carat gold is ordered and is paid for, product supplied cannot have purity of 21-carat.

To protect customers of jewellery, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has introduced the Hallmarking system wherein the licensed jewellers supply jewellery of genuine purity and guarantee the same by inscribing the Hallmark on jewelry. BIS maintains surveillance on the licensed jewellers, at a defined periodicity. So far, Hallmarking was voluntary but it would be made compulsory by end-2016 in metros and tier-1 cities to begin with, followed by tier-2 and tier-3 cities later on.

BIS is India’s national standards authority, set up by virtue of an Act of Parliament.

How does a buyer ensure that Hallmarked jewellery has been bought?

This can be taken care of by purchasing jewellery from only BIS licensed jewelers. Such jewellers prominently proclaim on their sign boards and inside the showrooms that they hold Hallmarking license from BIS. Jewellers can register themselves with any of the BIS recognised Assaying & Hallmarking Centres to get their jewellery Hallmarked.

Secondly, before buying the jewellery item check with a magnifying glass whether the five marks of Hallmark have been inscribed on the item or not. These 5 marks are listed in 'Resources' section below.

Even after purchase of the Hallmarked jewellery, if you have doubts the purity can be verified by at any BIS recognized laboratory. Nominal verification charges of Rs 25 per item are applicable.

Should it be found that the Hallmarked jewellery is of deficient purity, the buyer would be compensated and further, the offending jeweler may even lose his or her Hallmarking licence.

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1. Use a Magnifying Glass to Check the Five Marks on Hallmarked Jewellery:

BIS Standard Mark (The trianagular mark)
Purity Grade (916 : 22 Carat, 750 : 18 Carat, 585: 14 Carat)
Mark of Hallmark Centre
Year of Marking (R for 2013, S for 2014)
Mark of Jeweller

2. Bureau of Indian Standards

For information on hallmarking or for complaints regarding hallmarked jewellery, please contact the licensing authority BIS.

011-2323 5069

3. Jewellery sold by 'Tanishq' does not carry Hallmark.

'Tanishq' does not offer Hallmark because they have not taken the license from BIS. However they provide their own Certificate of Authenticity. Further, at every Tanishq store a Karatmeter has been installed, on which purity of any piece of jewellery can be instantly ascertained.

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