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Unique Offline n Online Market

What are iconic marketplaces?

There are exotic or unique marketplaces all over India, whose fame can be ascribed to attributes like the specific location of the physical marketplace or to the unique assortment of products. ‘Chor Bazaar’ collectibles market of Mumbai or ‘Bohri Ali’ hardware market of Pune or the Dharavi market for leather goods come instantly to mind.

Obviously it is not possible for people living in other cities to travel to the physical market’s location. And sourcing similar items locally, would only be a second-best alternative.

Unique marketplaces online…

The iconic physical marketplaces have now their online incarnation in the form of portals. Here the entire range of products is pictorially displayed and supplies made are authentically sourced from the original physical marketplaces.

After dwelling above on physical markets and their online versions, let us consider a different online marketplace. This is entirely an online virtual marketplace with a theme and products sourced from various places to suit the theme. A marketplace which is concerned with luxury premium products is an example.

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A2 Naturals

This is a cow-based sustainable living company. They deal in cow-based personal care products like tooth powder, soap, face oil, shampoo, face wash etc.

Shivali & Radhika Miglani

076761 65165


BohriAli is an iconic 100-year old market in Pune attracting thousands of customers every day. The online store, which is a replica of the physical BohriAli market, offers paints, adhesives, power and garden tools, LED lights, hardware etc.

095455 33033


Buy bags, leather jackets, wooden home decor products, accessories, clay pots, shoes, apparel etc made in India's biggest slum Dharavi. These are world class, quality goods made by skilled and enterprising craftsmen.

099876 42244, 098922 87011


Foodtribe delivers across Bangalore food products made by artisans and home chefs. What is on offer is food that is handmade, fresh, tasty, healthy and free from preservatives. Products: Cakes, breads, chocolates, cookies, dairy, pasta, spices, pickles, sauces, jams, snacks etc.

10/4/1 Kumarkrupa Road, Opp. Chitrakala Parishad, Bengaluru 560001

099000 97681, 099000 32780

GeM - Government eMarketplace

This e-marketplace has been set up by Govt of India to facilitate online procurement of common use goods & services required by various Government Departments / Organizations / PSUs. Various products required by Government have been listed. Sellers need to register by providing all details pertaining to their establishments. Sellers can bid or reverse-bid.

0120-661 9563

HappyU (UNR Online)

Showcases goods offered by vendors from Ulhasnagar, a place famed for Sindhi entrepreneurs. Goods on offer include shoes, mobile accessories, apparel, fashion accessories, imitation jewellery, handbags & luggage, electronics, tablets, cameras etc.

090222 27227, 096655 11421


Online marketplace selling the widest range of luxury & premium branded products such as designer apparel for women & men, luxury watches, high-end cars etc.

082139 53952


An e-commerce site devoted solely to sugar-free products: chocolates, candies, cookies, jams, beverages etc. Ideal for persons who want to restrict sugar intake either for weight control reasons or for control of diabetes.


Paaduks are trendy shoes made from discarded truck tyres. These shoes, for men and women, while being comfortable and durable go well with ethnic Indian-wear and jeans. Sandals being launched soon.

Jay & Jothsna Rege

098207 02598, 099309 04577


This is one-stop destination for food specialities like exquisite sweets, snacks, biscuits, chocolates, pickles, spices, and much more. Whether it’s Kolkata's rossogolla, Agra’s petha, Lonawala’s chikki, Ratlam’s sev, Ahmedabad’s khakhra, Bengaluru’s chocolates, Bombay halwa, or Mysore pak, they can be found here.

079301 55405, 095865 26940


A curated marketplace of the finest natural, artisanal and homegrown brands from across India. Products: Dips, suaces, condiments, yoghurt, ready-to-eat salads, fruits, grains, vegetables, pickles, jams, masalas, tea, coffee, juices etc,

091677 07731

Studio Coppre

They sell products made out of Copper such as jugs, tumblers, thali, platters, cutlery, lampshades etc. These are beaten from Copper in the traditional method by artisans in Maharashtra, UP and Rajasthan.

099235 67670, 091689 08484

Supr Daily

Milk, bread, eggs, curd, paneer, coconut water, dosa batter, buttermilk and many more daily needs are supplied daily to consumer's doorstep by 7.30 am. Items & quantities can be changed at will. Goods are sourced from trusted farms and manufacturers.

Call or Whatsapp: 096990 00035


This is a mobile-based wholesale marketplace connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across categories like fashion, jewellery, watches, toys, babycare, sports, fitness, mobiles, computers, home supplies, bath & kitchen furnishing, electrical supplies etc. The app has a chat feature to facilitate price negotiation between buyers and sellers.

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