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Drink to Enjoy in Each Country

One of the pleasures of travelling around the world is the opportunity to savour the alcoholic beverages that are typical of each country. Most of these drinks which originated centuries back, are today part and parcel of the lifestyle of the respective countries.

In Resources below, we have covered some of the iconic drinks in the world, so that while visiting the respective countries you may make an effort to seek out the local drink and imbibe not just the beverage but in the process a bit of the culture and lifestyle of the country itself!

Alcoholic beverages are broadly classified as beers, wines and spirits. In spirits there are major classes like Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Gin etc. The sheer diversity of alcoholic liquors around the world is a testimony to the innovative endeavours of the nations of the world!

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A white rum distilled from fermented sugarcane. It is not sweet. A highly popular cocktail Caipirinha has Cachaca as the main ingredient.

Chile & Peru


A colourless or light yellow or amber coloured brandy, distilled from grape wine. Developed by Spanish conquerors in the 16th century.



A clear liquor distilled from sorghum grains and contains 40% to 60% alcohol by volume, making it the strongest mass-consumed drinks in the world. The best brand is Erguotou.


'Commandaria' Dessert Wine

Known as the 'Wine of Kings' and 'King of Wines'. Made from blend of two local grapes: A purple grape Mavro and a white grape Xynisteri.



This is an alcoholic drink flavoured with anise. Pure alcohol is first distilled, to which anise and some additives are added and this mix is distilled again. The resultant Ouzo is diluted to a minimum of 37.5% of alcohol by volume. When water is added to a drink of Ouzo, it turns cloudy white.


Irish Whiskey

Grain and malt Irish whiskeys are triple-distilled as compared top Scotch whiskeys which are double-distilled. The most popular Irish whiskeys are blended and aged whiskeys from Jameson and Bushmills.



Made from lemon zest, spirit, sugar and water. The zest is soaked in alcohol until lemon oil is released. The yellow liquid is mixed with sugar syrup to create Limoncello, which is a popular after-dinner liqueur.



A sweet, soft and creamy sparkling wine that is a serious competitor to champagne.


'Bond 7' Whisky

Named after James Bond, this preferred whisky of Kenyans is potent and very aromatic with hints of peat and fruit.


Port Wine

The most popular Port is the sweet red wine, served as dessert wine. During fermentation of the red wine, alcohol is added to it (a) to stop the fermentation so that the residual sugar which remains gives the sweet flavour and (b) to increase the alcohol content.



This light (1.2% alcohol) fermented brew is made using black or regular rye bread, spring water, herbs like mint and fruits like strawberries or beetroot. Colour is yellow or red, depending on type of bread used.



Bottled sangrias contain red wine with added flavours of citrus fruits such as orange, lemon and lime. Other sangrias contain juices of pomegranate, peach, apple etc.


'Uganda Waragi' Gin

A banana-based gin, that is triple-distilled to remove impurities. It has 40% alcohol by volume.


'Vodka Hanoi' & 'Bia Hoi'

Vodka Hanoi is Vietnam's favourite rice-distilled vodka. Look for the bright blue label on the bottle. Bia Hoi is a light pilsner beer with 3% alcohol and since it does contain preservatives, consumption has to be on the date it is brewed.

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