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Dry Your Food to Take on Tour

We Indians like our home food, even on trips…

While on tours, some vegetarian Indians would like to eat their regular home-cooked food on account of religious beliefs or health reasons or dislike for foreign cuisines or because of doubts whether the food is genuinely vegetarian. Especially Jains do not consume onions and garlic, may not find vegetarian food that does not contain these two ingredients.

Indian vegetarian cooks do accompany some group tours but such tours are few. Small-sized family groups which travel on their own find taking a cook to be an expensive proposition. Indian vegetarian students abroad crave for home food because the alternatives are either expensive or bland in taste.

Food in the just-cooked condition does not last beyond a day or two. Further, it can leak in the luggage and damage belongings. Customs officials in many countries hesitate to allow cooked food.

Take your home food with you on trips – in dry form…

Now there’s a solution to the above-referred travails of travelers and overseas students. Cook desired recipes at home and then simply hand over the cooked food to companies who dehydrate to remove water. This will reduce the weight by over 80%. At destination, simply add required quantity of hot water, stir and wait for 5 minutes or add water and use microwave oven/gas/hotplate to heat for 5 minutes.

The key to retaining taste during dehydration is to gently heat to 35 to 50 degrees Centigrade, so that food converts into granular form without any loss of color, taste, flavor and nutrition. This dehydrated food does not spoil and does not need any preservatives. Ideal recipes for dehydration are pav-bhaji, kichdi, dal, chutney, poha, upma, jeera rice, chole, rajma, mixed veg, kadhi etc whereas theplas and rotis cannot be processed.

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Indian Harvest

'Room Temperature Dehydration Technology' developed by them in-house is employed to dehydrate cooked food handed over to them for processing. This technology has good re-hydration characteristics.

Collection Centre: 701, Hira Villa Apartments, Pali Road, Opp. HSBC Bank, Bandra, Mumbai 400050

Kajol Kinger: 090294 86696, Pushpa Kinger: 096195 56976

022-2651 2874

Moving Meals - Heat 2 Eat

They supply vegetarian snacks, vegetarian gravies, dals and rice dishes which are made by them. These are dehydrated and dry packed hygienically in standard sizes. Refer to menu on website.

Pankti Chheda, Rita Chheda

098208 65353, 09205 79350

Satvita Foods

You can hand over your home cooked food which will be processed by them. In addition, their own range of dehydrated food is also available.

111, East West Industrial Estate, Safed Pool, Andheri Kurla Road, Mumbai 400072

Bhavin Shah

022-4015 9075, 098700 11175

The Jain Kitchen

Jain food is made by them directly. It is then given to a third-party for drying and packaging. Products include pav bhaji, pastas, chhole, methi malai mutter, dhanshak, brown rice, upma, poha, moong and lots more.

Chintan Meghani, Sneha Shah

096199 41106, 098209 33721

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