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Travelling with a companion has its advantages…

It is true that most of the travellers are couples or family members or friends, there are others who travel solo like students, youth, adventure seekers, business travellers etc. Among these solo travellers, a few travel alone out of choice, whereas most of the others would be happy to have a travel companion.

Advantages of travelling with a companion are many. A shared room is always cheaper than a single room. There is safety in numbers particularly while going out at night. But more importantly it is the companionship that makes the trip that much more memorable and enjoyable. A good travel buddy is great fun! But on the other hand, a wrong travel companion can ruin a trip.

Ideally a travel companion should be someone who (a) is honest with his opinions (b) is an interesting person (c) challenges your intellect (d) has a good sense of humour (e) is a food lover and (f) is not attached to a mobile phone all the time!

Find a travel companion now…

After the advent of slew of websites, searching for a travel buddy has become very easy. You need to sign-on with basic details about yourself. Prospective travelers submit postings of their proposed travels and invite interested persons to respond to the postings. Alternately, you can submit a posting and await responses from others.

From the submitter’s profile you would be able to assess as to what extent you would be compatible as a travel buddy to the other person. Even after interaction through emails or messaging, it may be desirable to speak on the phone, so that there is a better understanding about each other. Travel companions should match in respect certain things like budget or luxury spending, leisurely or quick travelling, similar interests in sightseeing etc.

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Immihelp, path2usa

Parents of US-based Indians seek companions for the India to US journey. Many of them are first time travellers. Persons can respond to published postings or submit their own posting.


Give company to senior citizens travelling from India to US who may not be so adept and conversant with flying overseas. Respond to postings submitted by their children based in US.


If you are travelling to US and wish to assist and give company to an elderly couple who too are flying from India, do respond to the postings.

Thelma & Louise

This is a women-only community where a woman who wants to travel can find a companion who too wants to visit the same place/s.


After signing on, you have 2 options: You can see details of locals whom you can meet in the foreign city you wish to visit. After paying one-time fee of $9.99 you can also see who else is travelling from your city in India to the foreign city.


Select the forum of the country that you want to visit. You will see postings of other tourists on need for companions, tips on travel in that country etc.

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