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Tips and Advice by Travellers

Travel communities provide valuable tips and advice…

Travel community portals contain trusted user-generated content such as reviews of hotels and restaurants, travel tips, suggestions on local food, tour photos all of which posted by real travellers.  Through these portals, travellers not only share their experience about also learn from the experience of other travellers. The love for travel and the willingness to help other travellers are the noteworthy characteristics of these travel communities.

While visiting new places, travellers look forward to an enjoyable stay while seeking new experiences through sight-seeing, imbibing local culture and meeting interesting people. Travel tips, advice and reviews go a long way in making this possible.

Sign-on and access travel community platforms!

Among Indians, the most popular portals are LonelyPlanet, TripAdvisor, IndiaMike, VirtualTourist, TouristLink and WAYN. If you are contemplating travel in the near future, sign-on with one or more of these sites.

By referring to the reviews, advice and recommendations plan an itinerary and then post the same on the sites. This may elicit response from travellers who had previously visited the place or those who are planning a visit presently. Locals too could join in with their suggestions.

On conclusion of your trip do not fail to fulfil your obligation towards fellow travellers by posting your experience, comments and reviews. That is the least that you can do to your travel community!

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