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Walking Tours in Indian Cities

The magic of city walks…

The best way to discover a city is through walking tours and it is the real city that is beyond what is found in travel books. You come in closer contact with the vibrant life of the city and explore the daily life of people living in the city. If you really want to understand the city, what makes it tick and why it is what it is, then you need to join a walking tour.

The walks are loosely structured and follow a certain walk plan with pre-designated stops. Since the walks are relaxed affairs with frequent stops people of all ages and physiques can participate. While on the walk, a guide will brief you about the historical background of the landmarks.

Walking tours have themes like heritage, bazaars, food etc…  

Heritage as not only the past but a living tradition. Heritage walking tours give a glimpse of the amazing architectural wonders and monuments of a bygone era as well as tradition, culture, life and times of that age. Every city has its own unique history and influences of rulers from the past that can't be understood if you didn't walk in the shoes of those who did before you. Often the itinerary is chalked out with key inputs from experts on the city’s history and architecture.

Walking tours are also ideal to discover street food, particularly since some of the most popular spots for street food, like Chandni Chowk in Delhi and Charminar area of Hyderabad have narrow roads with limited access to vehicles. The pulse of the city is in its markets and bazaars. The bazaar tours give you an insight into traditional crafts such as Zardosi.

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