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Stocks for Flat Fixed Brokerage

Discount brokers have arrived in India…

While buying shares through stock exchanges, discount brokerages charge a low flat fee or zero fee per trade of shares or per lot of F&O derivatives regardless of the volume traded. In contrast, traditional full-service brokers charge a percentage of the value of stocks or futures & options bought or sold. As a result, retail investors who trade regularly pay a chunk of money towards brokerage to the traditional stock brokers.

Full-service brokers do offer advantages like investment advice, relationship managers and physical offices. You can call the broker’s office and they will execute your orders on your behalf. On the other hand, discount brokers expect you to work on your own and provide their services online only. Also, full service brokers provide much higher margin money for trading than discount brokers.

Save money while trading in stocks and F&O segment…

The flat and fixed brokerage structure offered by discount brokers is extremely attractive for day-traders who buy and sell shares or futures/options within the same day. They operate with thin spreads which is the difference between purchase and sale prices. India has lakhs of retail investors whose livelihood depends solely on day-trading. Saving 90% of the brokerage is a great relief to such day-traders. Even retail investors who take delivery of stocks so as to sell in the medium term of 6 months to one-year, find flat brokerage attractive.

So, if you are reasonably good in stocks and share trading, make the switch to discount broking!

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